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At INSIGHT, your investment is our profession and we take pride in our commitment to secure the very true value for your investments. Whether that is today, tomorrow, or in the future, we strive to provide accurate reliable values you can count on every time! That’s what we do!!

Semi Trucks
- Nathaniel Strong, ASA


Insight Appraisals and Consulting, LLC was founded by Nathaniel Strong, ASA.

Insight was established to give clients that satisfaction and comfort that their investments are being truly recognized for their worth with a true value for financing, refinancing, liquidation, etc. with normal or extreme depreciation due to physical, functional economic, environmental obsolescence.

Therefore, Insight strives to make this it is a top priority to capture essential sourced research and values through continuous working relationships and contacts to provide this service. What separates Insight from anyone else is that not only do we appraise, but have obtained in-depth knowledge of equipment and machinery, which comes from countless years working on equipment and machinery to be able to provide a professional understanding of the equipment and machinery, clients concerns and obsolescence that can truly positively or negatively reflect the value of an investment.

With working alongside each existing and new client we truly have the pleasure and the full commitment to their concerns, goals, and expectations that they hold for their investments because we treat your investments as our own and we take our investments very seriously. Why not trust someone that does the same!!

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